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Victory for LGBTQIA+ People in Bulgaria

On the 28 of July, 2023, the Bulgarian Parliament passed a law amending the Penal Code, which provides for heavier penalties for crimes committed with the motive of a victim’s sexual orientation.

Among the crimes that will be more severely punished are:

  1. Murder (art. 116, para. 1, item 11)

  2. Bodily injury (art. 131, para. 1, item 12)

  3. Kidnapping (art. 142, para. 2, item 9)

  4. Unlawful deprivation of liberty (Art. 142a(3)(3))

  5. Preaching or incitement to discrimination, violence or hatred through the mass media (Art. 162(1))

  6. Use of violence against another or damage to his property (art. 162, para. 2)

  7. Participation in a mob assembled to attack groups of the population, individual citizens or their property (art. 163, para. 1)

  8. Knowingly preventing someone from entering employment or forcing someone to leave employment (art. 172, para. 1)

  9. Unlawful destruction of another’s movable or immovable property (art. 216, para. 5, item 4)

  10. Apparent incitement to commit a crime by preaching to a multitude of people through dissemination of printed works or in any similar manner (art. 320, para. 3).



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