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About journalRAGE

Love. Equality. Human Rights. journalRAGE is an online news magazine platform dedicated to giving Liberia’s sexual minority a voice though reporting and education.

The LGBTQIA+ community in Liberia are portrayed in negative limelight by the media. This has, most times, led to public homophobic bashing and violent attacks on their person. 

journalRAGE was born out of a rage about the negative and homophobic spotlight, alleviating the hiccups faced by underground Liberian LGBTQIA+ orgs, bringing the everyday issues ongoing in the community in a manner which wouldn’t spur attacks, and to train media practitioners on how to report on sexual minority issues which is so very sensitive.  

There are lots of positive happenings within Liberia’s LGBTQIA+’s landscape which are often never reported on. journalRAGE is the platform to give voice to a staring but silent community. journalRAGE stands for love, equality and human rights. 

Gboko Stewart, a trained Liberian journalist, a daring activist, and a humanist leads a team of brave journalists reporting throughout Liberia.


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journalRAGE Highlights

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We imagine a world where all LGBTQIA+ people are free to live authentically without fear or repercussions. Help us and our partners to create that world.
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