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Our Work in Uganda

The current situation for LBGTQIA+ people in Uganda is dire. The Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 signed by the Ugandan President has criminalized any form of housing, expression, association, or support for LGBT+ people, putting their lives and rights at risk. Penalties from this law expand to impose draconian penalties on allies. For example, Landlords who knowingly rent premises to gay people risk going to prison for seven years. This is creating widespread violence against people suspected of being gay and trans, and many suspected of being gay are being evicted by their landlords and reported by their neighbors.

Out For Equality is working with partners on the ground in Uganda and around the world to provide immediate assistance to LGBTQIA+ individuals fleeing persecution. We are working with the only LGBTQIA+ Shelter in Kampala, providing individuals with financial assistance for food and immediate needs, and Out for Equality is assisting people to secure documents to legally leave Uganda while providing them with the safety net they need when they arrive to their new homes safely.


Please select Uganda when making your contribution.


Paper Heart
We imagine a world where all LGBTQIA+ people are free to live authentically without fear or repercussions. Help us and our partners to create that world.
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